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Capital -  Production of property in excess of consumption requirements and also used for further production.
Capitalism -  Capitalism is that societal structure whose mechanism is capable of protecting all forms of private property completely.
Coercion -  Coercion is an attempted, intentional interference with property.
Conservatism -  The tendency to preserve what is established. According to Galambos, "Conservatives run all countries; they're conserving the state."
Contract -  A voluntary agreement between two or more people who have property which they are desirous of exchanging the use and control thereof.
Control -  The ability to make volitional decisions concerning the disposition of property.
Corollary -  A corollary is the restatement of information you already know into other words for a utilitarian reason.
Crime -  Crime is a successful, intentional interference with the property of another. In other words, it is an act of successful coercion.

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